Monday, 27 April 2015

Sunny weather..

What glorious weather we've been lucky enough to have these past couple of weeks! I'm ashamed to say I got very sunburnt on Thursday. I just didn't think about putting sun lotion on, and was so busy working in the garden that I just didn't realise at the time how burnt I was getting.

Managed to get the lower garden lawn strimmed. I shall be digging some of thus out over the next few weeks, flattening it, and re seeding..

You can't see very well in the above photo, but when I lifted the compost bins to move them right to the top of the garden, there was the most enormous ants nest in there! I left it exposed before spreading it as top soil on the old veg bed.

This is the top of the garden.  The new home for the compost bins. And I've managed to cover the whole veggie plot with membrane to hold back weeds until I can get in there!

The tomato and spinach plants are coming on nicely...

Spinach bed...

Self sown spuds in the tyres. And in front and beside them I've dug in some of my seed potatoes.

My self sown asparagus spears :) 
Looking forward to them! But it will be a while yet! 

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Getting on

Hello, Hello :)
Temperatures have been soo warm! It's been lovely here on the south coast.
Some days it's been too hot for Jake and Millie though they've just wanted to lay about most of the day!
I've been really, really busy. But I've also been including in that some gardening at the new house. Well clearing more than gardening really. I was trying to clear away some old tyre 'planters' but found quite a few spuds still in them that had been missed from last year. I've let them stay for now as I haven't had time to put my chatted ones in yet! They'll be late this year!

My cheats tomatoes (that I bought at the boot fair) are coming along beautifully. These ones are money maker. I have five cherry toms to go in somewhere, but just through lack of time I may have to just fit those in the greenhouse too.

Here is my new spinach bed. Some perpetual spinach that I've moved here from last year, and some new plants I got at the boot fair too. I love spinach and use it a lot in salads and cooking.
I shall sow some salad leaves in here amongst them. I'm not one for empty spaces :)

Jake (on the right) and Millie have been getting on well. Millie is quite a bit bigger than Jake and I still think she has some growing to do. I found out her exact birthday the other day 2nd September 2014. So she's just over seven months old. She's already learnt so much in the two weeks I've had her.

I do love my doggies :)

Anyways, best get on. Have a lovely week. X

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

First plantlets in..

Hello, hello,
Lovely sunny and warm day here on the south coast !
This is my car thermometer yesterday!
It did show 28c when  I first got in :)

I planted out some spinach plants and tomatoes yesterday

I put some spinach in the water troughs that are used as tubs, and I planted some in the greenhouse.

I also planted out 5 money maker tomato plants in the greenhouse.

I cheated and bought them all at the boot fair on Sunday. 5 for £1 .  Can't argue with that really, and at least it means I have something in! 

My buddy Jacob Riley... Aka Jake :). He's a real sun baby and will lay in the sun till he's much too hot and needs to find shade! 

The newest member of our family. Millie May Riley.  Aka Millie. (No our surname isn't Riley, just my dogs are! :)   She has certainly added some mischief to our family so far. She's about 8mths old and was climbing the walls when I saw her.  She's settling ok, and Jake is keeping her inline ;)

I'll be getting her spayed within the next couple of weeks as we I definitely don't want any baby Riley's about the place! I've gotta save for that one though .

Have a lovely evening folks. Big hugs. X 

Saturday, 4 April 2015

New family member

Hello hello, 
I'd just like to introduce you to our newest family member :)
This is Millie May 😀
I wasn't planning on adding to our little family, but I just couldn't leave her so unhappy where she was :(.  She is a 6month old Jack Russell. Full of beans, and getting on really well with Jake 😄

That's my Jake in the background, and he and Millie were on their first walk together when this was taken. She's slightly bigger than him, and obviously still has some growing to do, but basically she just needs love and so many un wanted dogs. ......

Trouble is, I can't just get em all! 

🐥🐣HAPPY EASTER to you all! 🐥🐣
I hope you all have a lovely time with your folks whatever you do! 

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

New beginnings...

Hello, hello 😃
So lovely to have you visit me here. This is my little blog that will (hopefully) be full of the goings on and ramblings in my new life! 😊
To be honest, I thought the first thing I would be blogging would be my house move and new garden project.
But...a few weeks back I received a phone call from the owners of 
Toad Hall, Wimborne.
They had a space for me there if I wanted it, so obviously even though I already had a plate full, I couldn't say no! 

Today I went there and filled up my little unit with handmade and retro/vintage treasures. I left my table coverings at home, some of my pricing stickers and my lunch! 
It took me around 6hours to fill the empty unit, and tomorrow I have to go back and price it all up, as I didn't have time to put one label or sticker on! 

This is what it looked like when I left today...

Luckily I had a vintage Irish Linen table cloth in the bottom of one of my baskets from my craft fairs that I could use for one table...

And I had a few odd bits of fabric, and some brand new Cath Kidstone tea towels that I could put on top of the other two tables.

But I've already put the cloths in my car for tomorrow so I don't forget them ! 

Alas, I only had Six handmade cards left as well! So I will be stocking my card spinner over the next few weeks....

I also set out (my only purchase for my unit since I signed the lease) some Easter eggs, and little chicks, just to look cute and festive to be honest...
I set them up on the big table with all my spring ornaments that I could find! 

I have to say that my unit looked quite a bit different to other folks. I had more colour,it wasn't all hessian (burlap) and grey furniture. Or lots of linen cushions etc... So that will either be a good thing or a bad thing 😃

I can't believe I actually got some photos to work! Goodness know how I did that one!
Take care folks.
Big hugs. X