Wednesday, 1 April 2015

New beginnings...

Hello, hello 😃
So lovely to have you visit me here. This is my little blog that will (hopefully) be full of the goings on and ramblings in my new life! 😊
To be honest, I thought the first thing I would be blogging would be my house move and new garden project.
But...a few weeks back I received a phone call from the owners of 
Toad Hall, Wimborne.
They had a space for me there if I wanted it, so obviously even though I already had a plate full, I couldn't say no! 

Today I went there and filled up my little unit with handmade and retro/vintage treasures. I left my table coverings at home, some of my pricing stickers and my lunch! 
It took me around 6hours to fill the empty unit, and tomorrow I have to go back and price it all up, as I didn't have time to put one label or sticker on! 

This is what it looked like when I left today...

Luckily I had a vintage Irish Linen table cloth in the bottom of one of my baskets from my craft fairs that I could use for one table...

And I had a few odd bits of fabric, and some brand new Cath Kidstone tea towels that I could put on top of the other two tables.

But I've already put the cloths in my car for tomorrow so I don't forget them ! 

Alas, I only had Six handmade cards left as well! So I will be stocking my card spinner over the next few weeks....

I also set out (my only purchase for my unit since I signed the lease) some Easter eggs, and little chicks, just to look cute and festive to be honest...
I set them up on the big table with all my spring ornaments that I could find! 

I have to say that my unit looked quite a bit different to other folks. I had more colour,it wasn't all hessian (burlap) and grey furniture. Or lots of linen cushions etc... So that will either be a good thing or a bad thing 😃

I can't believe I actually got some photos to work! Goodness know how I did that one!
Take care folks.
Big hugs. X


  1. Looks good, wishing you all the luck in the world with your new venture! xxx

    1. Thank you kindly Jayne. I just wanted everyone who didn't use fb to be able to see what I'm upto if they wish. X

    2. I agree looks good. Good luck..........