Tuesday, 7 April 2015

First plantlets in..

Hello, hello,
Lovely sunny and warm day here on the south coast !
This is my car thermometer yesterday!
It did show 28c when  I first got in :)

I planted out some spinach plants and tomatoes yesterday

I put some spinach in the water troughs that are used as tubs, and I planted some in the greenhouse.

I also planted out 5 money maker tomato plants in the greenhouse.

I cheated and bought them all at the boot fair on Sunday. 5 for £1 .  Can't argue with that really, and at least it means I have something in! 

My buddy Jacob Riley... Aka Jake :). He's a real sun baby and will lay in the sun till he's much too hot and needs to find shade! 

The newest member of our family. Millie May Riley.  Aka Millie. (No our surname isn't Riley, just my dogs are! :)   She has certainly added some mischief to our family so far. She's about 8mths old and was climbing the walls when I saw her.  She's settling ok, and Jake is keeping her inline ;)

I'll be getting her spayed within the next couple of weeks as we I definitely don't want any baby Riley's about the place! I've gotta save for that one though .

Have a lovely evening folks. Big hugs. X 

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