Sunday, 19 April 2015

Getting on

Hello, Hello :)
Temperatures have been soo warm! It's been lovely here on the south coast.
Some days it's been too hot for Jake and Millie though they've just wanted to lay about most of the day!
I've been really, really busy. But I've also been including in that some gardening at the new house. Well clearing more than gardening really. I was trying to clear away some old tyre 'planters' but found quite a few spuds still in them that had been missed from last year. I've let them stay for now as I haven't had time to put my chatted ones in yet! They'll be late this year!

My cheats tomatoes (that I bought at the boot fair) are coming along beautifully. These ones are money maker. I have five cherry toms to go in somewhere, but just through lack of time I may have to just fit those in the greenhouse too.

Here is my new spinach bed. Some perpetual spinach that I've moved here from last year, and some new plants I got at the boot fair too. I love spinach and use it a lot in salads and cooking.
I shall sow some salad leaves in here amongst them. I'm not one for empty spaces :)

Jake (on the right) and Millie have been getting on well. Millie is quite a bit bigger than Jake and I still think she has some growing to do. I found out her exact birthday the other day 2nd September 2014. So she's just over seven months old. She's already learnt so much in the two weeks I've had her.

I do love my doggies :)

Anyways, best get on. Have a lovely week. X

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  1. you make me feel ashamed that I haven't got anything into planters yet. still I cant do everything LOL.