Thursday, 9 July 2015

Meet Nala

Well, we finally have some sun! I mean it's not lots, but we've got some :)

This post will be photo heavy as I've just managed to actually upload some photos to the internet!  Yay! 

Above are the only peas that I have success with out of two sowings.. The others just rotted away this year, so I have no idea what was so special about these ones....

This is Nala.  She's eght weeks old, and is the latest (and last!) addition to the critters in the Retro household. She is such a sweetie! She has a lovely personality, and is really friendly.

My biggest pumpkin so far! I am nursing this one because as much as squash are my favourite veggie, I am absolutely useless at growing them! 

I've put the tent up in the garden, and it stayed up in the terrific storm that we had several nights back now. I'm using it for extra storage at the moment. (I know the front pegs aren't in...:D )

These two photos are mainly of the seedling hibiscus that I collected from my old house. I plan to grow them on and then possibly sell them. There was so many that I had to plant some into my salad tub along with my salad leaves and a courgette (which is failing miserably).  But they do all appear to have taken, so fingers crossed for them....

Above is my little Miss Millie. This photo was just a couple of days ago. She has recovered brilliantly from her girly op. And she also had her 'spare' dew claw removed as it just kept on catching on things in the garden. I was really worried that it would get caught up good and proper and cause her more injury than taking it off would do...  luckily the vet saw it that way too, as I know its not common practice to take them off.....

Can you see him? :) 
 This is Jake helping me set up the tent lol.  As the saying's the thought that counts..:D

Above is what I call my 'lower' garden. It's the part of the garden right outside my kitchen window. The brown bit that's fenced off is the bit I've just reseeded. I know it;s the wrong time off the year, but I just had to try n flatten the lawn out a bit. It was driving me mad!
See Jake n Millie on they're deck rug? And that's where I sit to drink my morning coffee :)

And above is a little desk that I am in the process of painting and decorating. This is a piece for displaying treasures on to sell. Not to sell itself...  I'll post another picture when it's finished. 

Aaaw, here is a morning kiss :D    I do love these two. They keep me going and provide a great deal of comfort :D

Anyway's, that's enough for tonight. I shall try and keep my internet photo's updated so that I can post more often.  I really would like to keep more of a record of what I achieve in my new home and garden.

Take care now. Big hugs xx