Tuesday, 23 June 2015

So far....

Where does the time go? It's absolutely whizzed past since I was last on here!

I keep thinking that I haven't achieved much, but really, considering that 99.9% is done just be me, I've really achieved lots!  But it would also help me if I blogged a bit more and saw the results in photos!
I've added photos on here, but you must still excuse the messiness in the garden and house (!) as I'm nowhere near tidy yet! I have 25years worth of rubbish to go through.....-skipping swiftly on...:)
I've put membrane down on a couple of big patches in the garden, as I haven't had chance to dig them into beds yet, and I know the membrane will help me when I get around to doing it.
Above is my garden studio (ooo, get me :) )the water butt that need the guttering doing so it runs off the studio roof into the but, Millie in full action mode, and the membrane for the studio garden. 

Here's the greenhouse over run with foxgloves (I'll show you a more recent picture next time as this actually was a beautiful sight with the foxgloves reaching over seven foot.) Here is also Jake trit trotting along the edge of whats going to be my veggie garden (by next year!). Theres an awful lot of work to be done in the garden, but once I have Miss 19 sorted out, I'm looking forward to it!

Here are the 'steps' I had to make for Jake so he could get up on the windowsill. This was a favourite past time of his at my old house -sitting in my old bay window and nosing at folks walking up the street. Once I've got things sorted I shall make him a proper seat again. (Can you spot him on the windowsill? :)  )

The photos have come out in a strange order on here, but thats blogger for you :)
Above is the gorgeous rhododendron in the Church car park. It's enormous, and every year I think I'll take a picture, and I never do. But I managed it this year. 

Yummy blueberries :)

This is my lower garden. directly in front of my kitchen window. The shingle area is for the doggies which they're just starting to use. I put the trellis up for my roses, and I still have plenty to do...

And here's the apple blossom at my old house...looks like there would have been  lovely amount of apples this year...  

Anyway, I hhope to be back in a couple of days next time, not a couple of months!

Take care, big hugs x