Monday, 27 April 2015

Sunny weather..

What glorious weather we've been lucky enough to have these past couple of weeks! I'm ashamed to say I got very sunburnt on Thursday. I just didn't think about putting sun lotion on, and was so busy working in the garden that I just didn't realise at the time how burnt I was getting.

Managed to get the lower garden lawn strimmed. I shall be digging some of thus out over the next few weeks, flattening it, and re seeding..

You can't see very well in the above photo, but when I lifted the compost bins to move them right to the top of the garden, there was the most enormous ants nest in there! I left it exposed before spreading it as top soil on the old veg bed.

This is the top of the garden.  The new home for the compost bins. And I've managed to cover the whole veggie plot with membrane to hold back weeds until I can get in there!

The tomato and spinach plants are coming on nicely...

Spinach bed...

Self sown spuds in the tyres. And in front and beside them I've dug in some of my seed potatoes.

My self sown asparagus spears :) 
Looking forward to them! But it will be a while yet! 


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  2. Sorry I deleted the last post I I spelt something wrong lol I am loving watching how things develop Chez Retrowren. I hope when you get tinterweb you will have time to post more xx Ginny